Search without the junk: how effective is Blekko?

I have been unhappy with Google search lately.  It’s not just the auto correct/auto suggest they’ve been pushing on people (I know how to spell, leave my search terms alone).  I am no longer able to obtain high-quality search results, without having to see what essentially looks like a massive ad directory. There’s too much predictive analytics going on (not just at Google). They think they know me.  I think my browser is ready for a new default search engine. 

Are there good alternatives?  Blekko has been in the news recently – Yandex (Russia’s top search engine) just invested $15 million in them, along with a group of US investors who are also putting in $15 million.  The message is very appealing – to give the user helpful search results without the clutter. 

According to Rich Skrenta, Blekko’s CEO and founder, their current search engine index spans about 3 billion pages on 750 servers (approximately 4 million pages per server).  Yet, my first search on Blekko (using term “big data”) produced 126 million results, compared to Google’s 86.3 million results.


They admittedly have a smaller index than Google, claim to be ignoring the spam, low quality content, link farms, yet the result set is much larger?  I will contact the company and will update this post once I have more information.


Technologist, parallel entrepreneur. Interests: travel, photography, big data, analytics, predictive modeling.

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One comment on “Search without the junk: how effective is Blekko?
  1. Michael Alatortsev says:

    btw, searching for "hadoop" gives the following numbers:blekko: 119 thousand resultsgoogle: 8 million resultsso, in this case, Blekko’s result set *is* smaller (what I would expect).must be something about the way Blekko handles multiple keywords.

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