#10BasicFactsAboutMe is trending, people talk about what they “like” or “hate”

Today’s top trending tag on Twitter globally is #10BasicFactsAboutMe.


Keyword frequency analysis of most recent 1,233 messages suggests that most posts are about what people “like” or “hate”, with most popular keywords, sorted by popularity:

  • people
  • time
  • music
  • friends
  • life
  • person
  • food
  • color
  • family
  • God

According to another trending tag, #WeAllDoThat, the most common thing people do is saying they are tired, when in reality they are sad.  Followed by checking the fridge for food (even if it was already checked recently and there was none):


by Michael Alatortsev



Technologist, parallel entrepreneur. Interests: travel, photography, big data, analytics, predictive modeling.

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