Hosting is hard. Five nines is a myth. Twitter is down, btw.

This is what Twitter’s homepage looks like today:


Their maintenance notice is broken too:

Twitter is currently down for <%= reason %>.

We expect to be back in <%= deadline %>. For more information, check out Twitter Status. Thanks for your patience!

Google has been experiencing outages as well, with their Google Talk service:


This once again reminds us that running a complex distributed system is hard, and 100% guaranteed uptime, all the time, is not commercially or technologically feasible – just ask Amazon (and Netflix, Instagram, and Pinterest) about recent power outages.

SLAs are useless.  If you use cloud hosting providers, you should focus on designing your apps for failure.  





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One comment on “Hosting is hard. Five nines is a myth. Twitter is down, btw.
  1. Blaine Kohl says:

    The Go Daddy-serviced sites going down today,, was a lovely experience as well. Companies wasting time trying to debug why their email wasn’t working only to discover that it was yet another Go Daddy problem.

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