Analyzing Google Glass social media campaign

Google is currently running a promotional campaign for Google Glass:

In order to get one (for $1,500 plus tax), people are encouraged to tweet with the hashtag #ifihadglass, telling Google what they would to if they had one.

Some observations so far:

Approximately 10% of people misspell the hashtag (#ifihadaglass instead of #ifihadglass)



Some people reply to the project’s official Twitter account when posting; many more (the long tail) reply to other people. 


That may indicate that the majority of people found out about the campaign from their friends, as opposed to directly from Google.


Residents of Wyoming and North Dakota don’t seem to be very interested in Google Glass. 

New York and California are extremely excited about Google Glass:



Drinking seems to be a popular theme.  Also, lots of posts mention Mark Zuckerberg.



What we used to generate these:




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2 comments on “Analyzing Google Glass social media campaign
  1. Blaine Kohl says:

    Looks like people are saying Google Glass $GOOG is doing it right w/ #ifihadglass social campaign. Thanks for the follow-up info.

  2. […] mentioned previously that Google’s #ifihadglass campaign was generating many interesting responses.  This […]

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