The Hadoop wars: Hortonworks vs. Cloudera in Social Media

Hadoop is a big part of what we do.  It’s great for processing large amounts of loosely structured data on commodity hardware.  Cloudera and Hortonworks  provide two of the most popular (in terms of corporate mindshare) distributions of Hadoop: CDH and HDP.  Using our own data analytics platform, let’s see how well they are covered in social media.

1. Social Mentions – Hortonworks vs. Cloudera

Comparable levels of social mentions currently, but there was a spike in Cloudera mentions last week.  The spike was due to the following Cloudera-Twitter-Parquet announcement that was retweeted a lot:

Hortonworks vs. Cloudera

2. Social Mentions – how both companies compare to “Hadoop”

Hadoop social mentions

3. Social Influencers – Cloudera has more people covering it

Cloudera social influencers

Hortonworks social influencers


We have practical experience with both platforms at iTrend.  We are currently mainly focused on the Hortonworks distribution.  We also have a technology partnership with Hortonworks. For more information about iTrend, visit

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