back by popular demand – so what would people do with Google Glass?

We recently posted a high-level analysis of Google Glass-related conversations on Twitter, which included a visualization of most frequent words and phrases used in #ifihadglass conversations.  Some people asked if our tools are able to drill down more and extract more detail.

The answer is Yes.   Here’s a more detailed visualization of a random de-personalized sampling of those conversations (and yes – we are able to visualize all of them, too).  Please note – we haven’t filtered anything, it shows literally what people are saying, so you may even encounter some NSFW language:

iTrend google-ifihadglass-ngram chart

“If I had Glass” responses, visualized

That was really an awesome campaign by Google.  We applied too; however, judging from some of these responses –  our #ifihadglass entry was rather boring  (it was about personalized healthcare) and therefore unpopular.

If you have a social media campaign that you would like to track – drop us a line, we’ll be happy to help!

Mike A.

Technologist, parallel entrepreneur. Interests: travel, photography, big data, analytics, predictive modeling.

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