How many Google Glass #ifihadglass entries slipped through the cracks?

Mashable pointed out earlier today that  it looks as though Google did a poor job processing people’s answers to #ifihadglass contest:

On their Project Glass page, Google stated: “a few applications that don’t comply with our terms have slipped through the cracks”.  I am curious what happened to all the applicants that misspelled the tag (our tools detected and captured a couple of thousand of those) – they wrote #ifihadaglass (with an extra “a”) instead of #ifihadglass:

iTrend tracking #ifihadglass

iTrend tracking #ifihadglass

#ifihadaglass vs #ifihadglass

All those entries provided legitimate ideas (including one about a surgeon recording and broadcasting an operation, or one about treating Alzheimer’s) – so I really hope Google captured and considered them as well:

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 11.35.20 PM

This may easily turn into a media crisis.  First of all, Project Glass people made it sound they were actually reviewing the applications:

“We have been overwhelmed, entertained and inspired by your responses.”

Second, this is Google we are talking about.  The biggest data company in the world.  And they did a really sloppy job processing the responses.

For our earlier analysis of the Google Glass applications, check here:

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