Social Media and Brands: How did the US’s 10th Largest Company Lose Control of its Brand?

HP, previously known as Hewlett-Packard, is a company primarily known for products such as printers and servers.  HP is also social media’s pet name for Harry Potter and HP is clearly losing the battle to Harry Potter.

Today HP made an announcement under the hashtag #HPMoonshot. Good thing they tried to come up with a differentiating hashtag. Unfortunately, in many ways, it also coincided closely with the passing of Richard Griffiths.

So how did HP perform? We’ll let you look at the word cloud and allow you to be the judge.


OK, now let’s look specifically for the hashtags #HP, HP and #HPMoonshot. You can see the selection in the below graphic.


Hmm, maybe not exactly what I’d be hoping for if I were a part of the HP marketing group.

During their Moonshot announcement, HP states their website gets “over 3 million hits a day”. Great numbers. Hopefully they will also look at some social media analytics such as these and think more about HP’s social media strategy.

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