Social media on Microsoft’s ‘Scroogled’ ads attacking Android’s data sharing

Microsoft has been actively  attacking Google for its Android app store policies.  Microsoft’s point of view can be seen here: screenshot

Microsoft’s official website –

You can follow the debate on Twitter under the following tag:


Most retweets involving this hashtag are driven by the $500 Visa Gift Card offer:

Bing's $500 Visa Gift Card

Bing’s #scroogle $500 Visa Gift Card contest

Conversations appear to be centered around data privacy and Android store transactions:

word cloud for #scroogled

#scroogled word cloud on Twitter

More specifically, some of these tweets are calling Google “evil”, and stating that people should be aware of the privacy issues with the platform:

Analyzing #scroogled conversations on Twitter

Analyzing #scroogled conversations on Twitter

All this action on Twitter has spawned another tag – with opposing points of view:


… calling Microsoft’s actions, among other things, “childish”:

#WindowsRage word cloud

#WindowsRage word cloud on Twitter

The debate is getting noticed by news outlets:

#scroogled news

#scroogled news

Stay tuned for more updates.

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