iTrend major version update (build 1384)

We’re happy to announce that we just rolled out a new version of iTrend’s data discovery and analytics (as evidenced by the new build number in the footer):


Among the improvements:

  • better performance (data is collected and processed faster, reports are generated quicker, plus there’s additional data caching that makes reports more responsive as you click around)
  • a ton of new system health monitoring and notification options (that one is for our admins – they can now spot most issues before they are reported by site users)
  • new interactivity options (see below)

This is what the old “Retweets” report looked like (no interactivity):


Today’s version update makes the Retweets report more interesting – as you may now see more real-time detail about each retweet and its author, and you can even interact with each tweet (Follow, RT, Favorite, Reply, etc) – without leaving the reports page!


Based on your feedback, we are preparing a few interesting enhancements over next few weeks.  Stay tuned for version updates!

If someone needs an invite to test-drive the new version, visit our signup page.

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