Amazon’s “tweet to shop” #AmazonCart solution is live

May 7 update: we are at TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2014.  Stop by our table in the Startup Alley!

iTrend at Disrupt photo


#AmazonCart mentions are now averaging 26 tweets per minute, with 10% including product links.

Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

#AmazonCart tweets

This graph was generated by iTrend Twitter analytics tool.

May 5 2014 10:45 EDT update: looks like people are starting to experiment with it –

AmazonCart tweets data

May 5 2014 11:15 EDT update: this banana slicer appears to be the leading product so far:

leading #AmazonCart product so far

Also, it looks like Amazon developers have been testing the solution for some time now under this ‘test’ account:

Lesson for developers: a) these things should be better hidden from view, b) don’t use production URLs while testing.

Amazon testing


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One comment on “Amazon’s “tweet to shop” #AmazonCart solution is live
  1. […] some preliminary data when the new feature went live on May 5 2014.  Two weeks went by since, and here’s what our […]

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