iTrend Build 1984 Release Notes

You may have noticed the new build number at the bottom of iTrend’s login page.  We’ve been implementing a number of enhancements based on feedback from our TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2014 presentations.



What’s new in version 1984:

  • improved algorithm for fetching and displaying ‘Software” clients, you will see more product icons
  • FIXED width display bug in two types of reports: ‘Retweets’ and ‘Tweets’
  • improved PDF exporting/print capabilities in qualifying subscription plans
  • improved display/refresh UX in ‘Conversations’
  • optimized ‘Tweets’ report – 10 to 15x speed improvement (keyword search in ‘Tweets’ will be optimized next)
  • added mouseover animation in ‘Timeline’ – it’s now very easy to select a date on the timeline
  • improved Query creation workflow; improved Verification process (when you pick a new keyword and want to preview some potential matching data before gathering it for real)
  • FIXED display bug in IE (‘Query/Verify’ interface)
  • additional custom pricing plans and promo codes are now supported

Thanks everyone for the great feedback!

P.S. this build is dedicated to George Orwell and his timeless classic.


P.P.S. here’s the new data pre-caching update in action – note the super fast performance (btw, we’re hosted on MS Azure not AWS):


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2 comments on “iTrend Build 1984 Release Notes
  1. SPELLNET would like to thank iTrend for this release and for joint participation at TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2014. We are already working on new business opportunities as a consequence of our partnership, and this is just the beginning …

    • iTrend LLC says:

      Steve, we’re very excited about the new opportunities. We’re preparing a new batch of updates – including some very interesting NLP functionality that nobody else has in the space.

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