Comprehensive analysis of 273,000 #AmazonCart tweets

May 28 2014 update: 273,000 tweets were analyzed. Updated Top Selling items are shown below.

Please note: we can only track products being added to cart, we don’t have access to actual checkout transactions (unless people choose to share their purchase on Twitter upon checkout – which some do).  Not all ‘sales’ mentioned below have been taken through checkout process.  

Top #AmazonCart sellers, by number of items sold:

#AmazonCart top sellers

Top #AmazonCart sellers, by total sales value:

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 9.07.14 PM



We posted some preliminary data when the new feature went live on May 5 2014.  Two weeks went by, and this is what our current (may 23 2014) data snapshot looks like:

  • 241,705 tweets mentioning #AmazonCart
  • 38% (92,245) contain Amazon product links
  • 62% (149,460) do not contain Amazon product links, they simply mention (or promote) the new feature
  • 99,119 unique Twitter users were involved in the conversations
  • 217,205 links were shared (some are product links – see above)
  • 1,332 images were shared
  • 77,500 news articles, blogs, and press releases mention #AmazonCart
  • 59% of #AmazonCart tweets were posted by Men, 41% by Women
  • most retweeted promo of the new feature is Amazon’s $200 gif card raffle
  • 2nd most retweeted promo of the new feature is a chance to win a Hoover vacuum cleaner
  • most frequently advertised #AmazonCart items are priced in $3..25 range




Product Visibility Analysis

As of today (May 23, 2014), Most Frequently Mentioned #AmazonCart product on Twitter is Winter’s Mermaid [Kindle Edition] $6.99 by Dan Glover – 1,598 retweets.

#8 on the Top 10 list – Accoutrements Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats:

Top 10 item

Who Is Promoting the Products on Twitter:

Using 66,000 sampling of unique Twitter accounts involved in #AmazonCart conversations, we concluded that:

  • 42% are companies/organizations/legal entities, not individuals
  • of 21,000 accounts where gender could be reliably determined (by cross-referencing with other data sets), 59% are Male and 41% are Female


Influencer Analysis

Predictably, Amazon (and its various accounts, like ‘Kindle Team’, etc) is the largest promoter of the new way to shop.

However, we also see individuals on the list that were very engaging on Twitter:

  • Dan Glover
  • J.D. Grasyon


If you are interested in seeing more details, contact me on Twitter @iTrendTV.  Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Mike Alatortsev



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