Is Lyft Really Capitalizing on Uber’s PR Nightmare?

San Francisco-based rideshare company Lyft announced last week that it was experiencing its best week ever in terms of number of rides. In fact, it increased its app usage time by 71 percent and its daily sessions by 67 percent, according to an article on

While Lyft is giving credit for its recent success to the fun and comfortable atmosphere that it seeks to provide its passengers, there is much speculation that its rival Uber’s recent controversies, including SVP Emil Michael’s much-maligned suggestion that the company dig into the backgrounds of any journalists that criticize the company, have something to do with it. But is that really the case?

While a Twitter campaign against Uber, which included the hashtags #deleteuber and #ubergate, was launched last month and received enough attention that the company decided to hire a data privacy expert and release a statement assuring its customers that their data would remain as such, its momentum doesn’t seem to slowing down.

According to an iTrend report, Uber received over 36,000 social mentions over the last seven days and over 13,000 links shared. The hashtag cloud in the report hints that some people on Twitter seem to be more interested in sharing Uber promo codes than keeping up with the company’s daily controversies. Lyft, on the other hand, has only received 2,300-plus social media mentions over the last seven days and 1,760 links shared.

In the same way that Twitter might be moving past — or turning a blind eye to — Uber’s faux pas, so is the company: it is seeking to raise one billion at a $40 billion valuation, according to CNNMoney.

So does this mean that is Uber out of the woods completely? Hardly….the hashtag cloud also illustrated users’ concerns over the company’s data privacy: #security brought us to an article published last week on Business Insider, which detailed exactly what personal information Uber is privy about its Android app users. Want to learn more about what we’ve found? Contact us to learn more.

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