VentureBeat: Startups are digging the data to help marketers answer tough questions

Microsoft Ventures

Microsoft Ventures: iTrend is a cloud-based competitive intelligence platform

Zack Weisfeld, Microsoft Ventures, is addressing some of the toughest questions faced by marketers in VentureBeat today:

How much extra reach is social media adding to your broadcast advertising spend? What creative approaches are clicking with customers and turning them into advocates for your brand? Where are your competitors winning on social media, and where are they vulnerable? What’s the real ROI on your social media spending?

How does iTrend fit into this?  We identify actionable metrics in social media:

iTrend is a cloud-based competitive intelligence platform that uses social analytics to get a precise bead on the strategies of other players in the marketplace to identify potential weaknesses and opportunities. iTrend presents the data through clear visuals, dashboards and heatmaps that make it easy for business users without hardcore data skills to figure out where competitors are gaining traction, where their social influence is coming from, what people like and hate about their products and more. The company launched in 2013 and was able to rapidly deploy and scale its service by taking advantage of Microsoft Azure cloud platform. It counts the World Health Organization, Dell Computer, Couchbase and Microsoft among its clients.

iTrend Competitive Intelligence UI

iTrend Competitive Intelligence UI

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