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Every company is a data company. Ridesharing Economy by the numbers.

In this example, we’re looking at 3 companies in the ride sharing space: Uber, Lyft, and Gett.  Once these names are configured in iTrend, you can track various public communications to and from each company, automatically classify them by subject

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Researching companies in the Competitive Intelligence space uncovers spam & Twitter abuse

Disclaimer: we built a product for researching competition.  Part of its core functionality is monitoring Twitter activity related to a given company and determining where their popularity is coming from, and who is influencing it. Naturally, we’re testing the product

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using iTrend Competitive Intelligence module to detect a problem with a cloud provider

iTrend CI has been tracking the cloud provider space (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud).  We saw a sharp spike in negative complaints to the company (Google). Looking into it reveals the #gamergate incident:

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Snow storm = more Netflix? Last 24 hours of ‘Netflix’ mentions on Twitter

Note the hotspot in the North East, where the snow storm hit. Source: 160,000 recent tweets mentioning the word ‘Netflix’, processed and visualized with iTrend on top of Google Maps.  How we determine location: geo coordinates (when available), then profile

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VentureBeat: Startups are digging the data to help marketers answer tough questions

Microsoft Ventures

Zack Weisfeld, Microsoft Ventures, is addressing some of the toughest questions faced by marketers in VentureBeat today: How much extra reach is social media adding to your broadcast advertising spend? What creative approaches are clicking with customers and turning them

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#Election2014: The issues, the outcome and most importantly, the analytics

There were more than 3.3 million #Election2014 -related Tweets on Election Day, with 1m+ coming 9pm-midnight ET as races were called. — Twitter Government (@gov) November 5, 2014 On Election Day most people suspected that Republicans were headed for a good

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Election, media and technology

How we view and utilize technology effects everything we do, whether it’s choosing news outlets to pay attention to, or deciding on who to vote for in an election. When it comes to getting news about politics and government, liberals

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