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Researching companies in the Competitive Intelligence space uncovers spam & Twitter abuse

Disclaimer: we built a product for researching competition.  Part of its core functionality is monitoring Twitter activity related to a given company and determining where their popularity is coming from, and who is influencing it. Naturally, we’re testing the product

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#Election2014: The issues, the outcome and most importantly, the analytics

There were more than 3.3 million #Election2014 -related Tweets on Election Day, with 1m+ coming 9pm-midnight ET as races were called. — Twitter Government (@gov) November 5, 2014 On Election Day most people suspected that Republicans were headed for a good

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Microsoft describes iTrend’s approach to extracting insights from data

Microsoft recently published an article called “Data driven insights – bringing Big Data to 1 billion people” on its official blog.  It provides a good description of iTrend’s Twitter analytics platform. Susan Hauser, Corporate Vice President, Enterprise and Partner Group at Microsoft,

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Interested in using iTrend’s newest data discovery and analytics platform? Request an invite.

The various statistics (like this lovely chart of key influencers in NSA- and PRISM-related discussions on Twitter) published on this blog  were collected and visualized using iTrend’s  data discovery and analytics platform: If you want to follow an interesting topic

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Craig Mundie discussing latest Microsoft Research tech at Yale

Mundie, senior advisor to Microsoft  CEO Steve Ballmer, was presenting latest MS Research technologies at Yale today. Shared desktop collaboration with Skype, intelligent mailbox filtering, tablets, data discovery, and, of course, big data analytics. You can read more about his

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back by popular demand – so what would people do with Google Glass?

We recently posted a high-level analysis of Google Glass-related conversations on Twitter, which included a visualization of most frequent words and phrases used in #ifihadglass conversations.  Some people asked if our tools are able to drill down more and extract

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The Hadoop wars: Hortonworks vs. Cloudera in Social Media

Hadoop is a big part of what we do.  It’s great for processing large amounts of loosely structured data on commodity hardware.  Cloudera and Hortonworks  provide two of the most popular (in terms of corporate mindshare) distributions of Hadoop: CDH

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