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The Hadoop wars: Hortonworks vs. Cloudera in Social Media

Hadoop is a big part of what we do.  It’s great for processing large amounts of loosely structured data on commodity hardware.  Cloudera and Hortonworks  provide two of the most popular (in terms of corporate mindshare) distributions of Hadoop: CDH

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We’re hiring – Russia office

iTrend just officially opened a new office in Russia. Located in Zelenograd, it’s only 23 miles (37 kilometers) from the center of Moscow. More information about Zelenograd positions (in Russian):….

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iTrend and Hortonworks Partner to Simplify Big Data Analytics

Stamford, CT – September 5, 2012 – iTrend LLC, a provider of big data analytics tools, today announced that it joined the Hortonworks Technology Partner Program to extend iTrend business intelligence tools to integrate with the Hortonworks Data Pl…

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Hadoop on Windows Azure: Visualizing Data

We are currently experimenting with a 32-node Apache Hadoop cluster on Windows Azure. The setup includes a web-based interactive JavaScript console, which lets you put data into HDFS, launch MapReduce jobs, and also visualize results with HTML5 ch…

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Today’s Hadoop-related conversations on Twitter, visualized

Today’s tweets are covering (starting with most popular) the following topics: Cloudera Big Data Oracle Big Data Appliance meetup Authors were using the following methods to tweet about Hadoop today (starting with most popular): Hootsuite Web Twee…

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Data Loss Prevention through Big Data analysis

With Stratfor still in the news after a massive security breach (you can read about it here), information security professionals should be looking into Big Data technologies. While it’s relatively easy to secure a web server, a database, or an iso…

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Microsoft updates Windows Azure, includes Hadoop-based service

MS announced multiple updates to their Azure platform, including a limited preview of an Apache Hadoop based service for Windows Azure that would simplify deployment of Hadoop applications: “To help bolster Big Data capabilities on Windows Azure, …

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