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Microsoft describes iTrend’s approach to extracting insights from data

Microsoft recently published an article called “Data driven insights – bringing Big Data to 1 billion people” on its official blog.  It provides a good description of iTrend’s Twitter analytics platform. Susan Hauser, Corporate Vice President, Enterprise and Partner Group at Microsoft,

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Microsoft Case Study: iTrend

For those interested in seeing how we use Microsoft Azure for analytics, check out this Case Study:

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Social media on Microsoft’s ‘Scroogled’ ads attacking Android’s data sharing

Microsoft has been actively  attacking Google for its Android app store policies.  Microsoft’s point of view can be seen here: You can follow the debate on Twitter under the following tag: #scroogled Most retweets involving this hashtag are driven by

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Craig Mundie discussing latest Microsoft Research tech at Yale

Mundie, senior advisor to Microsoft  CEO Steve Ballmer, was presenting latest MS Research technologies at Yale today. Shared desktop collaboration with Skype, intelligent mailbox filtering, tablets, data discovery, and, of course, big data analytics. You can read more about his

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What Microsoft can do to really dominate the living room

Today’s Forbes article titled “Microsoft Xbox Is Winning The Living Room War. Here’s Why.” talks about Microsoft striving for dominance in home entertainment: Plenty of companies do sell rival boxes to deliver online video to the TV: Cisco, Google…

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Hadoop on Windows Azure: Visualizing Data

We are currently experimenting with a 32-node Apache Hadoop cluster on Windows Azure. The setup includes a web-based interactive JavaScript console, which lets you put data into HDFS, launch MapReduce jobs, and also visualize results with HTML5 ch…

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Microsoft updates Windows Azure, includes Hadoop-based service

MS announced multiple updates to their Azure platform, including a limited preview of an Apache Hadoop based service for Windows Azure that would simplify deployment of Hadoop applications: “To help bolster Big Data capabilities on Windows Azure, …

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