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#Election2014: The issues, the outcome and most importantly, the analytics

There were more than 3.3 million #Election2014 -related Tweets on Election Day, with 1m+ coming 9pm-midnight ET as races were called. — Twitter Government (@gov) November 5, 2014 On Election Day most people suspected that Republicans were headed for a good

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Election, media and technology

How we view and utilize technology effects everything we do, whether it’s choosing news outlets to pay attention to, or deciding on who to vote for in an election. When it comes to getting news about politics and government, liberals

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TV shows have a significant presence on Twitter

Looking at the different IPO- and $TWTR-related conversations taking place on Twitter now, we see that content owners like to use Twitter to engage their viewers (top portion of the graph). We can track those conversations.  Ask us how.

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Visualizing #TEDMED 2013 social chatter

iTrend’s data discovery and social analytics platform is now available to select customers as a Technology Preview.  It includes the Pharma Edition of our data platform, geared towards pharmaceutical companies and healthcare organizations.  Healthcare interests us, so we are tracking

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How many Google Glass #ifihadglass entries slipped through the cracks?

Mashable pointed out earlier today that  it looks as though Google did a poor job processing people’s answers to #ifihadglass contest: On their Project Glass page, Google stated: “a few applications that don’t comply with our terms have slipped through

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Netflix officially embracing social media (their subscribers are already there)

Netflix announced new social features yesterday: Starting today, Netflix members in the U.S. can share their favorite shows and movies on Netflix with friends by connecting to Facebook and agreeing to share. By default, sharing will only happen on Netflix.

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Revisiting Google’s #ifihadglass contest – what do people want to do with Glass?

We mentioned previously that Google’s #ifihadglass campaign was generating many interesting responses.  This campaign by Project Google Glass  is especially fascinating, because it involves a conceptually new kind of consumer device.  Google asked – what would you do if you

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